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“Healing the secret wounds and silent cries that lie deep within the hearts of our youth which have been left unresolved.“

At K.E.N.O.S.I.S. We ask the question: How did we end up drowning in a sea of so many irresponsible, self serving, unreliable individuals? How did we end up with so many men and women with no dedication to their families, their children, their community, humanity, service to others, and most importantly, to God? Allow the Kenosis Project to explain how. There is no single answer. However, the answer is not as complex as it may appear. The answer is threefold. First, We’ll build relationships (rapport). Second, educate and edify with relevant information. Last, ensure resilience in the areas of emotional health, education, maturity and development to empower others with similar growth, thus multiplying the process.

Our Project:

Our goal is to assist the youth we encounter in the transformation from young adult to mature adult, not an adult according to the world's view, but as developed by GOD'S definition of manhood or womanhood. This individual is defined with the character traits of HIS design as they apply to integrity, character, and virtue. These values are founded on the precepts of communal and personal responsibility. In addition, we recognize and uphold the unique personality of each individual, their dreams or Goals.

For the Client:

We are servants to support you in accomplishing your purpose by sincerely offering pertinent guidance, direction and education for application in your life. We connect those lessons to the positive goals that you set for yourself, thus offering hope, wisdom and insight into oneself, showing how you fit into humanity.

For the Parent:

Bringing your youth to us indicates that you need support in their development. We desire to establish a genuine relationship with you to foster leadership, direction and hope to accomplish the plan and vision you desire for your son or daughter.


We connect with young men/women to assist them in healing the pain that has hurt their hearts and caused them to disconnect from their families, school, society or life. We educate them with the life skills necessary to develop young men/women of courage and confidence, thus empowering them to positively impact their families, communities and the world.


Each one, Reach one, Teach one, Release one.

Each mentor will build trust, communication and Respect.

Reach by nurturing and cultivating a relationship for positive growth.

Teach relevant methods for raising the standards in every young man/woman.

Release youth capable to teach the concepts learned, and impact others, thus multiplying the process.

K ingdom

E dification

N ecessary 

O ver

S elf

I mposed

S ubstitutes

*Kenosis [ki-noh-sis] (noun) the self-emptyingʼ of oneʼs own will and becoming entirely receptive to Godʻs divine will.

Program Components:

• Individual and Small

  Group Counseling.

• Reality Therapy.

• Why try? Curriculum.

• JobDevelopment/


• Dress for Success.

• Assertiveness Training.

• Leadership training.

• Tutoring.

• Service to Community.

• Interactive/Physical

  Activities; i.e. games;

  projects; camping; track;

  basketball; bowling & golf.

“If you canʼt reach them, you canʼt teach them.”  

Allow the K.E.N.O.S.I.S. Project to serve you as a process for you to find your purpose.

The Kenosis Project is a 501c3 non-profit tax exempt organization that operates exclusively on the benevolence of volunteers who have chosen to donate their time, talents or funds to accomplish its objectives.

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. ”

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